What is Rehab

What is rehab

The term rehab is short for rehabilitation. In the drug and alcohol addiction sector, rehabilitation basically means rehabilitating people back into everyday life without the use of drugs or alcohol. This is done in several different ways but normally starts with a medical detox followed by counselling, whether by group sessions or one to one. The length of time the client has had their addiction, and the amount the client is taking, (either drugs or alcohol), normally determines the length of time they will need to stay in a rehabilitation centre, and the length of time it will take to detox them.

The good points

In my experience of dealing with addiction for a number of years now, I can safely say in most cases it is harder for the client to leave rehab, than join. It seems most of our clients seem to really enjoy they stay in rehab. Yes, obviously it is very daunting when they first arrive, but within no time they are settled in. This I believe is due to the highly trained staff and the willingness everyone there has, to want to be free of their addiction, and just for the record you will NOT be locked up or chained to a bed. ALL clients are free to leave whenever they want. I will say it is unusual for clients to want to leave when they are in a centre, and our latest statistics prove that with an 85% long term success rate.

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